Contractor Services

Let us do the work for you…

In today’s construction market, competition is fierce and resources are limited. While you focus on one project to satisfy one client, projects that could have been yours are being awarded to other contractors. The result: only one satisfied current customer, but many missed opportunities to fill your future project portfolio due to the lack of "in office" resources.

At Construction Leads Solutions our mission is

to provide individualized and complete lead generation and project management services

to each of our customers in the construction industry. We will maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and fairness in our relationships, as well as with your professional associates and customers. These relationships that we build and maintain for you allow you to do what you do best, focus on the project and not the intermediate steps, while maintaining excellent customer service and adherence to timelines and standards. Sample services available are listed below, with a more detailed description of select services that will IMMEDIATELY bring a positive return to your investment with us.

  • Company Marketing Studies
  • Company Registration & Certification
  • Lead Generation
  • Bid Package Preparation
  • Project Estimate & Schedule Review
  • Bid Follow-Up & Analysis
  • Owner & Client Relationship Management
  • Project Safety Certification
  • Project Management Representation
  • IT Services & Consulting
  • Company Marketing and Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Networking & Technical Support
  • and many more...

Construction Leads Solutions is expertly vesrsed in what it takes to ensure your company’s success, in fact, it's our speciality. We seek out the jobs and maintain those relationships so you do not have too, allowing you to complete your projects more efficently and with perfection. This in turn helps us to get you more clients as you become a valuable resource to us and the numerous projects we have pending.

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Acquiring New Clients

Lead Generation:

Construction Leads Solutions will find you the most appropriate leads you need to bid successfully on different projects. Many contractors are spending most of their resources in keeping their current clients satisfied instead of looking for other opportunities out there for the taking. Construction Leads Solutions will provide you individualized lead generation to accomodate your company's strenghts, optimizing your chances of landing the project.

Bid Package Preparation:

Bid packages are becoming more and more complex due to the different entities having to ask for more information from contractors in order toidentify possible defaulting contractors. Construction Leads Solutions will gather all necessary information to complete the bid package per the owner's requirements. Construction Leads Solutions will also assist you to aquire the requirements which your company does not have in order to satisfy the owner.

Bid Follow Up and Analysis:

All contractors work extremely hard to meet bid packages deadlines. Once the bid opening passes and their companies are not selected, contractors forget about that project and move on to the next one. Construction Leads Solutions will follow up with the owner in behalf of our clients in order to clarify any differences in the bid, determine the areas which our client had trouble in, and establish a relationship for future opportunities. We will also provide our clients with an analysis of the areas which cost them the project along with recommendations to avoid having these setbacks again.

Maintaining Existing Clients

Company Marketing Studies:

Construction Leads Solutions will conduct a thorough study of your company's current limitations and qualifications along with current marketing impact of the company. We provide our clients with a comprehensive study of the markets in which they should be register because they meet all requirements, and which markets they should be considering in entering, and what steps are needed to be able to meet their requirements.

Client Relationship Management (CRM):

Construction Leads Solutions will also act as a laison between your company and many other owners and existing clients you may have lost touch with. We will establish first contact and conduct and initial meeting with potential clients your company may be interested in conducting business with. We will also prepare your company and personnel for such meeting/presentation, giving you insight about the potential client and their preferences.

Project Services

Project Estimate and Schedule Review:

Construction Leads Solutions has the expertise and subcontractor pool to be able to support our clients with complete estimating services if needed. We count with many years of competitive bidding experience in many different markets. We will help you estimate any project responsibly, while minimizing any risk your company might be facing.Construction Leads Solutions also has expertise in different types of estimating and scheduling softwares, being able to provide our clients with a detailed and accurate schedule for any project, presented to the owner in a hard copy or digital form when requested.

Project Management Representation:

Construction Leads Solutions counts with multiple certified Construction Project Managers with many years of experience in theindustry. We can provide support to our clients on many different projects as project managers on your behalf, strenghtening your personnel expertise and background. Our project managers have completed projects successfully in the commercial, residential, municipal, industrial, educational, hospitality, historical, LEED, aviation, and institutional markets to mention a few. Bottom line is, if it is build, we have build it.

Project Safety Certification:

Our group of professionals have many different OSHA and safety certifications,allowing us to act as the competent individual for our clients and certify any jobsite. We are all professionals who put safety first. Construction Leads Solutions is a firm believer in a safe jobsite and takes this approach very seriously. We like to bring this culture of safety into all of our clients for their projects benefit and the company's future benefit. Partners in your success and will always go the extra mile!

Company Registration and Certification:

Many companies are not taking full advantage of all opportunities out there. It takes valuable time and know-how to be able to qualify to submit proposals to different entities. Construction Leads Solutions will get your company prequalified to be able to bid in municipal, federal, educational, and healthcare along with many other public and private entities.