About Construction Leads Solutions

Construction Leads Solutions is a full service construction consulting firm which supports your organization’s growth needs by providing services ranging from lead generation, construction management, company marketing, and IT services.

With over 15 years of construction and design experience, Construction Leads Solutions counts with the expertise to get your company recognized, certified, and registered in the hottest markets out there today. Getting your company prequalified to be able to bid on the numerous projects out there.

Construction Leads Solutions works with established industry contacts who will facilitate the registration process for your company. We will find you the leads you need to bid on construction projects, while you focus on providing quality work to your customers. We initiate bid inquiries, obtain project information for qualification purposes, set up appointments for your clients, assist you throughout the bidding process, and follow up on your bids, etc.

Construction Leads Solutions also counts with seasoned estimators, schedulers, OSHA competent personnel, project managers, construction executives among other construction professionals to be at the full disposal to our clients. We can assist you with any stage of your project from prebid, precon, contract negotiations, construction, to close out and final follow up.

The team over at CLS provided us the support in the areas where, honestly, we weren't experts... They helped streamline our business process, broadened our company scope, and increased the projects we were entitled too... then even GOT us those bids!

Pretty soon we will be looking to them for help with these new projects and revenue streams too. This will let us focus on making quality products by getting more construction staff and..

We pride ourselves in what we do and have passionately devouted our labours to making your job easier through our network of resources. When you succeed, so do we!
Email or give us a call today and let's see how we can work together! (954) 471 - 8609